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As we arrive early to begin another roofing project this morning, here are 8 reasons we should be your next roofing contractor.
1) When needing help filing an insurance claim we have a licensed insurance adjuster on staff. What may be overwhelming to you we have spent many years helping homeowners in this area.
2) Regardless of what your budget is we always use quality GAF Shingles and materials. We believe in using the best materials for all projects.
3) We prepare for your project days in advance, not just the day of. It takes hard work and time but we believe it is vital for any successful project.
4) We invest in our vehicles, trailers and tools leaving your driveway clean from oil and other damaging fluids. Yes it is expensive to purchase and maintain these things but after many years we know that it’s an important key to every project.
5) We carry a $1,000,000.00 general liability insurance policy as well as workers comp. Many contractors carry workers compensation only on their office staff as it can get expensive. While we remain accident free in our roofing division, this is important to know when selecting a contractor.
6) We arrive early on the morning of your project being prepared with all materials and staff, with a philosophy of “To be on time is to be Early…”
7) We pull and provide city permits when needed, welcoming City inspections at anytime for peace of mind to everyone involved.
8) We keep the job site clean throughout the process understanding that a “Construction Area” is still your home. Just like cleaning a kitchen when making a big meal, we know that cleaning up along the way is much easier and allows everyone to enjoy the end result that much more.
These are just a few of many reasons why we should be your next contractor for any construction project.
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